Macmini's GPU

I’ll buy a new macmini(intel core duo)
I have got a PC which system options are 2.4 GHZ celeron CPU,512 MB DDRAM (333 MHZ),128 mb Geforce FX5200 GPU.

Now i know macmini’s processor and ram are better than mine.
But macmini’s onboard GPU is care me

it also onboard and 64 mb.

which is the better,macmini’s GPU or mine?


what is a GPU?

namely i intend Graphic card

The 128 mb Geforce FX5200 GPU should be the better GPU, because the Mini GPU is onbaord and has only 64MB Ram.

It matters only if you want to play a game, but you should buy a mini if you want a mac for playing.


I’d recommend that you take a look at the iMac. The Radeon X1600 is way better in games than the onBoard soloution on the intel Mini - though I’m also surprised how well Quake 3 and UT2003 peform on my Radeon 9200 in my G4 Mini :wink:

By the way: GPU = Graphic Processing Unit