Google Earth Mac Beta 2

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es gibt nun eine neue Beta zum runterladen.

Today we launched the second beta of Google Earth Mac. It’s available for download on

v.3.1.0617 is equivalent to the public version of Google Earth for the PC (v3.0.0762) but includes a number of improvements over the first Mac Beta (v3.1.0527) .

Differences To Last Mac Beta (v3.1.0527):

  • 10.3.9 support - if you have 10.3.8 or earlier, it will prompt you to update OS X.
  • Entourage email support - from the “Preferences” dialog, go to the last tab and select the “Entourage” option.
  • UFS and case-sensitive versions of HFS+ disk formats now work.
  • Fixed printing quality issue for road labels, compass and logo.
  • Fixed display of remote images in balloons.
  • Restored missing road labels at low altitudes.
  • Password protected network links no longer crash but need a workaround - see release notes.
  • More detailed “About” dialog for OS version and Graphics Card.
  • GPX and LOC files no longer crash client - still unsupported.
  • Fixed network links for remote KMZ files - thanks to BBS users ArnaudDumont and Ad_s for identifying and helping to resolve this problem.
  • Fixed remote images getting “Image Not Found” error after refresh.
  • Fixed corruption or missing overlays for large images.
  • Fixed various crashes.

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