Grafikbeschleuniger: GMABooster

es gibt ein kleines Programm mit dem man die GMA950 Speed von 166MHz (default) auf 400MHz erhöhen kann. Sollte auch auf einem Mini etwas bringen. Hier der Link zum download.
Auf einem ‘alten’ PC mit integrierter Grafik habe ich das schon getestet…funktioniert ohne Probleme.
Berichtet mal, was es auf euren ‘alten’ minis so bringt.
Der Autor des Programms schreibt:

[quote=“Vladimir”]Few days ago a had a chance to run Xbench on a Mac machine with GMA 950, Core Duo 2 GHz, dual channel RAM.
With GMA 950 running at a speed of 400 MHz I got about 400 FPS (!) in Xbench’s OpenGL subtest.
Now compare with our scores… 4x difference. Same GMA clock.
So, it’s obvious that “Spinning Cubes” test is actually a yet another CPU/RAM bandwidth test, not a pure GPU test.

Regarding WoW, the boost (166 vs 400) must be:
+2~4 FPS for areas where the average framerate varied from 6-15 FPS (resulting in 8-19FPS)
+3~7 FPS for areas where the average framerate varied from 18-25 FPS (resulting in 21-32FPS)
+5~7 FPS for areas where the average framerate varied from 27-36 FPS (resulting in 33-38 FPS)
So if you calculate it, you should get an average performance boost of +19~23%
It even exceeds 30% in certain places[/quote]

Viel Spass,

Wie schauts denn dann mit der Hitzeentwicklung aus?

[quote=“FAQ”]Q.: 2.4x boost without adjusting the voltage (right, Your hardware will not be exposed in any way!), how is it possible?
A.: A short preamble is needed to explain what makes a GMABooster technology possible. Let’s consider an Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 950 (GMA 950). This integrated solution, while not fully supporting the latest and the most demanding games, still allows a user to enjoy the mass of brilliant gaming hits of all genres. GMA 950 does also fully support Aero (enhanced GPU-driven user interface of a Windows® Vista operating system). It features a basic video playback acceleration, as well. However, if You have own a laptop/netbook/nettop computer built on Intel® 945GM/GME/GMS or GSE943/940GML/GU Express chipset, the above statements may not be truth for You. These all chipsets are LV (low voltage) versions of what we normally call Intel® 945. Thus, integrated graphics core has been underclocked dramatically: 166/133 MHz instead of 400 MHz (default GMA clock in a “normal” Intel® 945 chipset). But the truth is, the indicated devices could handle up to 400 MHz with ease: at a nominal low voltage, without the loss of system stability, and with minimal to none impact on thermal specifications/battery life (proven by preliminary testing). Here the GMABooster comes! It allows a user, not a manufacturer to choose the desired GMA speed. It combines a sophisticated assembler-level technology and the user-friendly graphic user interface, offering You to near double the GMA core perfomance without even a need to restart a computer. GMABooster may be considered as a safe, free, “software-level” GPU core upgrade![/quote]

Widersprichst du dir da nicht irgendwie selbst?
In deinem Posting jetzt heißt es doch eindeutig:

Meiner Auffassung nach sind doch aber in den Minis die 950er drin was also bedeuten würde, dass man das Tool für die Minis gar nicht braucht :question:

Probierts doch einfach mal aus. Versuch macht klug.
Hier … 0-323.html unterhält man sich auch über die Mac-Version.